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Personal stuff

Born in London and now living in regional South Australia (the clue in my business name – Mount Gambier 🙂 ).

My Father is Jamaican and my Mother is English. I used to be able to do a passable Jamaican accent but I’ve lost that ability now although I can still flick my fingers.

I ask a lot of questions. This is both in my personal and professional life. I love understanding how something works and then finding a way to make it work better.

I love both cats and dogs.

I hate the gym but love Zumba.

I’m still trying to meditate – I love having a creative mind and I know that having my mind quiet sometimes will make it even more creative.

I still read science fiction and fantasy books even though my form teacher told me that I would grow out of it (I was eleven years old at the time). Star Wars hasn’t been released yet.

I love to learn and spend a part of every week learning something new. Sometimes this is professional (websites and social media) or sometimes something else entirely.

I belong to several groups in the local community including Lakes Rotary, Limestone Coast Toastmasters and Women in Business and Regional Development.

I haven’t had a ‘proper job’ since 1996 when I started my own business as an Information Technology (IT) contractor.


I’ve been in IT in one form or another since the late 80’s (that makes me feel soooo old) , starting out as a computer operator, then moving into programming, analyst programming and then creating websites and social media.

I moved into creating websites professionally because a local business group asked me whether I thought a quote they had received for their website was a good quote. They knew that I had created my own website and some friends website too. I was shocked at how expensive it was especially since they are a non for profit group. I said I could create a website for less that half that price so I submitted a formal quote and received the work.

I am a self-confessed geek but I have the ability to turn ‘geek speak’ into normal English so that website design and social media becomes understandable to non-geeks.

I love sharing my knowledge and making things easy for people to understand. My last maths teacher used to say that if I didn’t understand it, it wasn’t because I was dumb it was because she wasn’t teaching it right! I follow that idea when training people.

As I mentioned in the personal part I ask lots of questions.

This works for your business because I will create a online presence that works with your business. I admit that I didn’t do this when I initially started my business, then clients would give me feedback that the website and social media wasn’t working for them. I learnt from this and my business evolved.

I create an online presence that works with your micro or small business because I understand how your business works. This is partly because I’ve asked the questions and because I’ve been running my own micro business for years. I’ve worked for BIG business and small business so I understand business systems.

If this resonates with you, either drop me a line or let me know about your project and I’ll be in touch.

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