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Karen posing at an early age - so not a website coach yet

I was born at a very early age. Don't worry I'm not going back that far! I know people often go for professional fancy photos but I love this photo.

This is one of my favourite photos (yes that really is me) - even at that young age I had attitude.

I stood there, posed and then stuck my tongue out!

Karen Leslie WordPress Website Coach

Okay, I admit there have been changes over the years. This is me now.

Some things haven't changed.

I admit I'm a geek, but I'm also a sharer and I love to teach.

Many years ago a Maths teacher once told me that if someone didn't understand what was being taught, if wasn't their fault it was the teachers. The teacher had  to find a way through.

I still believe that what she said is true so I always turn "geek speak" into English.

I've been in Information Technology many years, mainly a male dominated environment. One of things that annoyed me most is my lack of ability to be heard in those industries (I was a lot younger then!). I was often seen a loud mouth, but sometimes I had to be loud to be heard over all the men. There were many occasions when I would come up with an idea, which would be shot down. Moments later a male colleague would come up with the identical idea and it would be accepted. I would be left saying but I just said that!

It's so important to be heard. I want you to be heard.

People need to hear what you have to say and offer. Some people won't hear it no matter what, but the ones that do will be the ones that need to hear it.

My business started in 2009 because I love helping people, businesses and organisations grow. I want their voices, your voice to be heard. I create an online presence for you, based around a website, to get you and your business out there.

It's not always a one size fits all. The website has to work with your business, for the way you want to work.

I hold your hand (not literally, although that can be arranged 🙂 ) while we discover what website is right for you and your business, and how to drive traffic to it. Build it and they will come rarely happens with websites.

If you have problems, then together we'll create the solutions.

You are not alone. I'm here to help.

Together, you will be heard and your message told to help you gain clients and credibility.

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