What the hell is KISS anyway?

KISS has become my mission, for my website, for my business and who knows maybe for my life too!

KISS can be short for Keep It Simple Stupid but I don’t like calling anyone stupid and I found out that there is another meaning which is Keep It Simple Sweetheart which feels more aligned with myself and the way I interact with my clients.
My KISS approach is to keep EVERYTHING on my website, my products and my services simple so that they can be understood by non techy people.

My business has often worked with non techy business people but I didn’t realise that there was a real need for this. So now I’m telling everyone that this is what my services are like.
I’m creating a safe space where it’s okay for you to ask me any question you like (mainly about WordPress – you can try with other stuff too).

Although intellectually we may know that there’s no thing as a stupid question, emotionally it may feel very different.
I think the KISS acronym also felt right because when I was a kid my Mum wuld say that she could kiss things and make them better. When I fell off my bike – she could kiss my graze and make it better. When I got stung – she could it kiss and make it better.
This is what I want to do for you. I want to kiss your WordPress website and make it better (but don’t worry there is no actually kissing involved. No, sorry there are no exceptions. Maybe for Idris Elba or Jason Statham….. No, I’ll stand firm – no exceptions, no actual kissing).
I will be going through my website, checking my posts, checking my products and making sure that everything follows the KISS approach. If you find something that doesn’t fit that, that you don’t understand please, pretty please, drop me an email and let me know.

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