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What's your story?

Everyone has a story to tell and you have people out there waiting to hear your story. It's important to them that they hear your story - whether it's about your business product or service or your personal story.

Nowadays it's more important than ever not to sell online but to do story-telling online.

You don't need to connect with everyone in the entire world - really you don't! You simply need to connect with the people who want to hear your story, another term for this is your target market.

What can I do for YOU? 

We will get together, whether in person or online, and I'll discover more about your business and what you require from your online presence. Making more money is not the answer I'm looking for - I want a more in depth answer than that 🙂

I create an online presence for your micro or small business that works for your business and for your clients.

I share my website, social media and business knowledge to develop an online presence that is part of your business.

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