Top 5 New Year Goals for business success in 2015

As a small business what goals do you have for your business this year? Here are some of the top goals for small business in 2015.

1) Learn how to delegate. This is tough one if you are the only person in your business but if you’re not think about training a business partner or employee to take on more of your work. You can still supervise but let someone else do the actual work. If you’re in business for yourself you can hire a contractor to take over some of your work.

In my case I use bookkeeper for the more difficult bookkeeping while doing the rest myself.

2) Promote your business consistently

This is something I’m still learning to do for my own business because I’m so busy working on my clients businesses! A website is your 24 / 7 promotion vehicle which is why is should be updated regularly. However there are other ways to promote your business such as facebook, instagram, pinterest and other social media channels. You don’t have to be on all social media – just pick the ones that are suitable for your business. If you have a business that could produce a lot of images (such as cakes, flowers etc.) then the more visual social media such as Facebook, instagram and pinterest may be better suited. Also think about what your typcial customer is like – are they more likely to be found on one particular social media platform or will you find them more in traditional marketing such as magazines and newspapers.

3) Take a break or holiday

As a small business owner I know what it’s like – you can feel too busy to take a break or holiday but the downtime is important for you to recharge. It also puts thinks into perspective since you are not your work. You can actually exist outside of it (note to self as I write this!). Train someone else up or plan your business so that you can take break at quieter times of the year.

4) Join a networking group

This can be joining a group in your local town or online (or both depending on your business). People buy from people that they know, like and trust and that’s where networking comes in. In Mount Gambier we have two main groups – the Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce and Women in Business and Regional Development. Yes the second group does allow men too! I’m a member of both groups and if anyone wants some more info reply to this email with your questions.

Community groups can also be very useful for networking. Although they are strictly speaking for business promotion, people will ask you what you do and people will get to know you.

5) Get some new equipment – don’t wait for the old one to die

If there’s a piece of equipment that’s slowing you down (maybe because it’s slowing down itself) seriously consider getting new equipment if it’ll increase your business productivity. I bought a new PC at the end of last year and I’m loving it now. When I have to work on the old one I can’t believe how slow it can be with some programs (especially bookkeeping and admin!). Equipment slows down gradually so we may not notice it so check to see what can be improved in your business.

How can I help you? One thing that most business owners lack is time.

Maybe your website needs to updated or upgraded?

Maybe you need help with regular updates on your website or social media?

Maybe you have a WordPress website but need some more training?

Let me know how I can help you achieve your business goals.

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