WordPress Website Fixes

There are different things that can go wrong with a WordPress website.

I know that probably wans't what you wanted to hear. 

It really depends on how a website was set up in the first place and how well it's been looked after.

Think of it like a car. If you don't maintain a car after a while you'll start to hear weird noises, maybe the ride isn't as comfortable and eventually the dashboard lights up like Christmas with loads of errors. 

A similar thing can happen to a website.

You can have a search of my website to see if I have info here that can help you solve it or you can book a call with me.  This call is a complimentary 15 minute call for new clients. If you've already had a call then drop me an email or book  a paid for meeting.

Don't stress over your website. We can sort it out. 


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