Is your website like your first few dates?

Maybe I should start by saying that my first few dates were not good....... actually they were bad.

When I first started dating (a long, long time ago!), I admit I probably came across as a little bit desperate. The reason being that I was desperate. The outcome of this was that I would say yes to anybody who would ask me out. This made my Mum happy because she wanted me to settle down but it didn't particularly make me happy.

I didn't know who I was looking for and I didn't really know what I wanted from a relationship.

Why am I comparing your first website like your first dates?


Why websites can be like a bad first datesOn my first dates I would probably over share. Actually there was no probbaly about it. I was like a fire hydrant with no control. I wasn't thinking about what they wanted to hear,  I was thinking about what I wanted to say. Basically I was verbally spewing all over them, sharing way too much information (which you may say I'm doing here too J ). As you can imagine the dates didn't always go that well.

Your first website can be very similar. You're not always sure who your ideal client is and  therefore you're not tailoring your website to what they want to hear. You're a bit like me on a first date just spewing out random information hoping that there's something in there but they will like. Not surprisingly this is not the best way to do this.

As I got older I became more selective, so rather than just said yes to a date with anybody I had more of an idea of what I was looking for. After one relationship where I was dumped (it was definitely his fault since he cheated on me - see over sharing 🙂 ), I decided to make a list of what I was looking for in my ideal man. It was more about his attributes and how he treated me.  Those of you that are into energy and the law of attraction, might say that I attracted this person into my life. I tend to think of it as a change of perspective, in that once I had my list I started looking around for somebody who fitted that details. I found him 25 years ago and we're still together (did I hear anyone say awwww how sweet).

In a similar way with a website, you need to think about what you want from the relationship with your website. It maybe you actually want nothing to do with it, a completely hands off relationship which means that you get somebody else to update it, and somebody else to manage it. It may be that you want calls from your website, prospective leads for your business and if so the website needs to be set up so that you get that from the relationship.

If you're embarrassed by your website, if you don't want to update your website, and it's not your technical skills that are getting in the way, then can I suggest that there something else it played here. Something else is stopping you.

If you don't like the look of your website then it can be changed. It may be that it started out really well (that moment when you see your date and you pulse starts racing) and it may have suited you back then but now you and your business have involved and you want something more from your website.

It's up to you to decide when are you want to do a DIY website or whether you want to hire a professional to help you out. Yes I realise there's a time vs money equation coming in here. If you don't have the time to do a DIY website then you need to have the money to hire a professional.

If you don't update your website regularly, is it because it doesn't reflect who you are and where your business is now? I know that's been part of my issue when my website in the past. My website hasn't really reflected who I am as a person or what my business does. It's still a work in progress.

Every website designer that I know is not just a website designer at least not once they've been in business for a while. Every one of them has their own speciality. Every one of them has something that lights them up. With me, I love problem solving and coaching people. Yes I've actually put that in writing - I like coaching people. I like asking simple questions that get you to  the bottom of whatever is going on with you and your website (and other areas of your business too).

If you're not getting enough clients from your website, it may be that is simply not getting any visitors to the website. It could also be that people are going to your website but they simply not interested in the content. This can be because the content isn't suitable for the visitors that you are attracting to your website.

I offer a free 15-minute call for you to tell me what is going on with you and your website.

I do this because I want your business to succeed, I want it to thrive.

I want you to love your business.

I know you thought what the hell is Karen talking about this time, but I really believe that everybody has a relationship with their website, even if it's one where they just ignore it and hope it goes away.

These days websites are so important because they're the only place where you can control the content about you on the internet. You do not have control on social media platforms because they can change what they are doing at any moment in time with no warning. If or when that happens you can lose clients if you have not got their details away from social media. An easy way to do this is to direct them to your website and have some sort of download, or sign up newsletter or a  call - whatever it is that can connect you together.

I'll ask you gain.

Is your website like your first dates?

If so, and you'd like help with this, check out my website planner where together we'll plan out up to six pages of your website.

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