WordPress Training

WordPress LogoAs part of my WordPress website design process I offer WordPress training to my clients. I want them to understand the basics, whether they choose to use it or not.  However the more I talk with business women who have their own WordPress website, I realise that this isn’t the case with all WordPress website designers. Some business women feel swamped by the technicalities of WordPress and have not been taught how to update the technical or content side of their website.

I feel for you. Seriously I do. Whenever something goes wrong with my car I feel the same way.

If you need training on your WordPress website, even if I did not design the website for you, please contact me. I’m happy to put you in control of your website with WordPress training through zoom (or in person if you are local).

Please call me 0488 556540 for more details and a quote or connect using a form if you prefer it.

Together we can make your website work you.

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