Keeping your date up to date

Since it's the new year I thought I'd have a WordPress tip on the copyright year found at the bottom of most websites.

There are sooooo many websites on the internet that I like to check that the website I'm looking at is up to date. Sometimes it can be obvious with calendar events, or dates on articles but if not I tend to check the copyright date. This is usually down the bottom of the website in the area known as the footer, for example . © 2015 Business Name — All rights reserved.

Check that your website has been updated recently - especially since it's the new year.

In most WordPress websites the following can be placed in the footer theme.

<p>Copyright © <script type="text/javascript">

var d = new Date();


</script>.. All Rights Reserved.</p>

Updated May 2020: Some page builders have their own short codes that can be added into the footer area to display the current year. As always please do a backup of your website BEFORE making any changes.

This updates the year automatically every year.

To find the footer area:

Login into the back office of your WordPress website.

Click on Appearance on the left hand side, then click on theme options.

Scroll down the page until you find Footer content and paste the copyright text in to as shown above and it should work.

Some WordPress themes have the date hardcoded (so that it can't be changed).

Make sure that you're seen to be professional - keep the date updated on your website.

This is my favourite kind of tip since you do the work once and it keeps the date up to date for you year after year.

If you have a problem with this tip book a 15 minute complimentary call and I'll point you in the right direction.

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