How do I register a domain name?

You can either register a domain name for yourself or get us (or another website developer) to register a domain for you.

The main steps are:

What do you want your domain to be called?

This is not as obvious as it may seem. Your company may be called Smith and Jones but that doesn’t actually let anyone (including search engines) what you do. A name that describes what you do may work better for you so if Smith and Jones are actually widget makers then calling your domain ‘widget makers’ may make more sense.

Where are your clients based?

If your clients are all based in one country then you may only want one domain name such as However if your clients are based in other areas then you may only want a .com domain or you may want more than one domain.

Once you’ve decided what the domain name will be then you can buy that domain from a register. In Australia there are only a certain number of registrars and you can find them at the Australian Domain Name Administrator (AUDA).  Prices and services will vary so make sure that you are comparing like with like.

If you don’t need to buy an Australian domain name then you have a lot more choice on where you buy your domains and on the whole the price is lower. There are websites such as Go Daddy who sell domains for a reasonable price.

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