Posting to social media

Let me set some context around this post…

I’m looking for a social media posting website that posts content to several social media platforms to save some time. At present I have a free account with Hootsuite but that is limited. So before I decide to upgrade I wanted to have a look around to see what else is out there, as of November 2014.

This isn’t a review – simply a list of my findings since they may help someone else save some time. I didn’t need teams to sign up since my business is just me at present. The table bellow shows my findings.

[table id=1 /]

Hootsuite – Free plan up 3 profiles / pro upto 50

Reachpod – Free plan up 3 profiles / pro upto 35

Postling – $1 for first month

Everypost – App only – iphone & Android

Everypost looked really interesting but it’s App based only at present. Since I’m at my laptop most of the time I would prefer something that can be both desktop and app.

So at the moment I’ll probably stick with Hootsuite for my desktop and maybe give Everypost a try too. Who knows they may convert me? 🙂


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