KISS One to One WordPress Training for your WordPress Website


Does your WordPres website make you feel dumb every time you try to make even the smallest change? Are you sooo frustrated by WordPress that you’re considering moving to another platform because every little thing takes sooooo looonnnggg to do.
Maybe you’ve lost touch with the original designer and you don’t know how to get the help with WordPress that you want. This WordPress training is for you and your website.
Note: Training can be done in person (if you’re local to Mount Gambier) or via zoom.


Does your WordPres website make you feel dumb every time you try to make even the smallest change?
It’s NOT you. Honestly it’s not. It’s your website.

It still amazes me that a WordPress website can be handed over to it’s wonderful owner without any instructions or guidance at all.

It’s a bit like having paid for a car, being handed the keys and not being told anything else about it – not even the basics. (If you think all cars are the same – no they’re not. I rented a car once and spent about 10  minutes trying to open the petrol cap. It was in the drivers side footwell – a black pull thingy on black matting. It wasn’t user friendly in any way and there was a queue of cars building up behind me. Talk about embarrasing!)

KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) WordPress training is a personalised service where you get the help you need, in the way that you need it.

You know you need help but you’ve had no idea who to ask or to turn to and you don’t want to be made to feel that you’re dumb or spoken down to.

I get it.
Let me help you.

I’ve been creating WordPress websites for over 10 years and as well as speaking geek I also speak English (yes some people can do both 🙂 ) and I can explain what’s going on with your website.

Here’s how it works:

  • when you buy this 60 minute session with me I’ll send you a calendar link so that you can book a time with me that’s convenient for you and I’ll send you a zoom link
  • we have a zoom call (it can be recorded for you if that will help) where I teach you how to do, what you need to do on your website. If you have content updates then we can do that on your website using shared screen so YOU gets HANDS ON experienc while I’m there to help you, and suggest tips that you may not know
  • I will teach you what you need to know about YOUR WEBSITE and not every little thing about WordPress that there is to know in this Universe
  • If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me
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