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My business has been going since 2009, so in July 2019 I'll have been in business for 10 years! Yes 10 years - that still surprises me.

I believe that one of the reasons my business is still here is that I listen to my clients. My business evolves by seeing what my clients need, and how I can solve more of their issues. This is why in 2017 I started website care plans because so many of my clients are time poor.

I'm still growing my business and I'm asking for your help.

Please take a few moments to fill in the questions below so I can improve my services for you.

If you're on LinkedIn you can connect with me on LinkedIn, and / or leave me a recommendation or an endorsement.

If you're on Facebook, please follow my FB business page and feel free to leave a review.

Thank you for your help.


  • Thank you if you've already recommended my services to someone. It's appreciated.


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