FAQ website errors and warnings

WP insecure login or password

Those of you that have Wordfence on your website may be unfortunate to see this warning.This is a new functionality from Wordfence.

Not only does it make you aware that at some stage your information has been part of a data breach but it will also force you to reset your password.

If you use different logins and passwords on all your accounts then even a data breach of one account will not affect another account.

Reset your password as instructed to get into the back end of your website.

WordPress password change

If you can’t cope with the password that WordPress sets for you then login with the new password, go to user, scroll down to the password section and click on generate new password.

Then, and this is the important part, type over the new password with the password that you want and click on update profile.

Please don’t make your password too easy to guess – it’s in your interest to keep your website secure.

If you want to read the full article from Wordfence you can do so at New Feature Protects Against Password Leak Attacks.

If you want to check whether your information has been breached use website Have I Been Pwned

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