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Are you on the right website platform for your business?

website platforms-wix-weebly-vistaprint-wordpress

By platform I mean the service provider that hosts your website – such as Wix, Weebly, Vistaprint, WordPress to name a few. Starting out the right way with a website means it’s less stress, easier to manage so it takes up less of your time, and easier to change as your business grows or changes.…

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Why bother with website maintenance?


When someone asks me why they should  bother with website maintenance I reply you brush your teeth don’t you? By the way if you don’t brush your teeth then maybe this article is not for you 🙂 I’ll confess something here – I have a fear of dentists. My dentist already knows this and he…

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Why do you want a website?

confused why you want a website

Why do you want a website? If you already have a website then hopefully you already know why you have one (if not then I doubt that it’s working well for you and maybe we should have a chat). Why do you want a website may seem like a really dumb question. Every business needs…

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