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Why bother with website maintenance?

When someone asks me why they should  bother with website maintenance I reply you brush your teeth don’t you? wordpress website maintenance is like brushing teethBy the way if you don’t brush your teeth then maybe this article is not for you 🙂

I’ll confess something here – I have a fear of dentists. My dentist already knows this and he still sees me! I’ve found that if I don’t go for a long time then there’s more to fix when I do go.

Our teeth are an asset and speak to anyone who doesn’t have some (of all) of them any more and they’ll tell you what a pain it is – sometimes literally.

Your website is a business asset. Unlike teeth, which don’t make us money, our websites should be making us money either directly through online sales or by bringing in customers.

Performing regular website maintenance gives you peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best, your business, while letting me do one of the things I do best, WordPress website maintenance.

Websites are not set and forget, unless you like throwing away money.

You’ve spent time and money on your website so why would you ignore it? Add content to it, make sure it’s a useful resource for your customers and keep it up to date so that it’s constantly working for you.

Did you know that most people won’t tell you if there’s an issue with your website?

It’s true. If your website is slowing down, or has weird characters across the screen, it’s a rare person that will contact you to let you know. Of course if your website is down completely then they can’t contact you anyway.

If a website doesn’t load quickly, and is error free then your potential customer will move on and you’ve just lost a sale.

Some people think that nothing could ever, ever go wrong with their website…..

While I wish this true it’s not been my experience, nor the experience of others who come to me as a professional to sort it out when it goes wrong.

Here are a few of the things I’ve been told when people approach me with a website in need of some webcare.

I thought that no-one would try to hack my website since it’s too small

It doesn’t matter how big or small your website is when it comes to hackers. I’ve had someone come to me with a small regional website. It was a blog for fun and interest, not for money at all. Their website was hacked. The hacker has changed their website so that they can’t get back in to fix it.

Recently we’ve all heard about the ransom ware that affected people computers. There are ransom ware that can be loaded on to your website too. Some people will simply hack into your computer because they see that it’s vulnerable, often because the software has not been updated.

My brother / sister/ friend has a website or computer so I thought that they could maintain it for me (for free)

They may know something about WordPress websites or they may not. How committed are they to ensuring that your website is up to date? Are they checking it every day? What about when they go on holiday? Do they get notified when a vulnerability is discovered in either WordPress, or more likely in one of the plugins (small programs for additional functions).

If the person ‘looking after’ your website knows nothing about WordPress websites then it gets even worse.

I thought I could update the website myself

Possibly you can update the website yourself since I don’t know your technical skill level. WordPress is a very popular software for creating websites and it has hundreds of thousands of plugins. Both the WordPress core software has to be updated as well as any plugins that are used on your website. Plugins need to be checked regularly because after an update they don’t all play nicely together.

The issue is that when something goes wrong will you know how to fix it? Will you be able to explain to a professional like me the steps that you took, whether you tried to fix it yourself, what else you’d been doing recently so that I can fix it.

Will you be able to find a professional to help you that won’t charge the earth because it’s an emergency job?

Prevention is better than cure.

Website maintenance gives you peace of mind that any issues can be found quickly and sorted out.

When something goes wrong I’m there to hold your hand and to get things running smoothly again.

What do WordPress webcare plans cover?

There are three different levels to suit your needs (the details for the webcare plans can be found here).

Even at the basic level the webcare covers WordPress core updates, theme (the look and feel of the website) and plugin updates, regular backups sent away from the hosting, uptime and security monitoring, and regular reporting, so you’ll know what I’ve been doing.

Health experts are always saying that prevention is better than cure and a lot cheaper too. The same is true for your business website.

wordpress website maintenance is like brushing teeth

You put effort every day into maintaining your teeth – doesn’t your website deserve regular maintenance too?

Find out more about WordPress webcare plans.




Why do you want a website?

Why do you want a website?

If you already have a website then hopefully you already know why you have one (if not then I doubt that it’s working well for you and maybe we should have a chat).

Why do you want a website may seem like a really dumb question. Every business needs a website right?

In general my answer would be yes but we’re not thinking about generalities we’re think about you (yes you).

Let’s reverse the question for a moment – why wouldn’t you want a website?

Time – you don’t have time to update a website while you’re running your business and you don’t have

Money – to pay someone else to do it for you because you think that they are too

Expensive – since you think that websites are expensive you think that the expense will take away from your

Profit – your website should add to your profit rather than take away from it, it’s an investment not a cost.

The biggest issue I see before anyone decides on their website comes back to your Why. Everything starts with why?

(Note: If you haven’t watched the TED talk by Simon Sinek How great leaders inspire action it’s well worth watching since Simon talks about starting with why and has written a book about it too

When I moved from the UK to Australia nearly 10 years people often asked me why I choose the providers I used when we moved here. The simple answer is because they were online.

I didn’t have a yellow pages directory (does anyone even use them anymore?) since I was in the UK. I had no idea about local businesses and I didn’t know anyone in the area. The only thing I had access to was the internet and the businesses that were online received my business.

That was 10 years ago and now it’s even more important to be online since so many people are using mobile devices.

If your customers aren’t online and never will be and you’re sure that they aren’t online (you may be surprised at how many people are online) then maybe you don’t need a website.

According to ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) (

in 2014 – 2015 85% of people in Australia were internet users and in the aged group of 65 years, 51% of that aged group were online.

Do not make assumptions about your customers. If you’re not sure you could always ask them.

If you really don’t have the money to invest in a website (a good website is an investment and adds to your business), then think about how much extra time you have to build your own. There are DIY options available but all of them have some sort of learning curve.

Maybe you just want to go with social media such as a Facebook page or an Instagram account. Social media is fluid and what’s popular one year may be surpassed by something else next year. You have no control over the trends and you have no control over the platform either.

Facebook has been annoying me recently with the amount of changes that come through without any warning. And yes I’ll whinge about it but the fact is that it’s a free platform and actually they can do what they want with it.

I confess that I’m a recovering control freak so I love the fact that I have more control over my own business website than I do a social media platform that I get for free.

In summary, think about why you want a website. If your business had a website (or already has one) think about what result you want that person visiting your website to take – call you, book an appointment, download information, buy something…. what result do you want from your website?

Start with the end in mind and work backwards.

If you have questions about this drop me a line or connect through social media.



Does your website need an SSL certificate?

What is an SSL certificate?

do you need ssl certificateSSL (Secure Sockets Layer) allows data from your website to be encrypted so that when someone enters personal data (for example username, password or credit card details). If someone intercepted the data it wouldn’t make any sense to them which for personal data is obviously a good thing.

How do you know a website has SSL?

When you shop online if you check the address bar you’ll usually see https:// when an SSL certificate has been installed for that website. It’s one of the things I automatically check before I pay online.

Google and SSL

Google has been encouraging websites to have an SSL certificate for quite a while but for some micro and small businesses it has been too costly. However the cost of SSL certificates has come down and some like Let’s Encrypt are free.

If you buy an SSL certificate from your hosting company then they will usually install it free of charge.

Why mentioning the changes in SSL now?

From January 2017 the Chrome browser will make all websites that allow password or credit cards and do not have SSL as insecure. This means that if you have an e-commerce website that does NOT have SSL because you’ve been told that a third party (such as Paypal) handles the data, Chrome will mark your website as insecure. (

In May 2016 Chrome overtook over web browsers to become the most used web browser. Whether it’s because it comes pre-installed or whether it’s because people prefer it doesn’t really matter. According to Net Market Share nearly 55% of users are on Chrome (for desktops), with slightly less for mobile devices.

netmarketshare browser use

Image from Net Market Share – for more details see: Net Market Share

What if you don’t have an SSL certificate?  

If you have a purely informational website then you don’t have to install SSL (yet) although Google is moving that way.

If you have customers enter usernames, passwords or credit card details then you need to install an SSL certificate if you haven’t already done so.

Although it’s easier to install an SSL certificate before doing a website it can be installed afterwards. Most micro and small businesses will need to approach a developer or specialist for help since once the certificate is installed you need to make sure that the web pages are still working correctly.

Warning about Wix and SSL

At the time of writing if you have a Wix website it is not possible to add an SSL certificate to your site.

A standard reply on several support tickets seems to be:

“Any payments made through your Wix site (e.g., WixStores, Wix Hotels, Wix Bookings, Wix Music, or Wix Restaurants) are completed through a secure server. In addition, your personal data and billing information are stored securely. “

Updated: 22nd Feb 2017

Wix have announced that all Wix sites have now been enabled for SSL certificates which can be switched on under manage site.

In conclusion

You need to know this kind of information so it can help you decide what is right for your business.

If you need more information about any of these of points feel free to contact me through my connect form.


The ‘not so sexy side’ of website design

glasses on a documentI was wondering what to write about today when I received yet another phone call from a small business owner unhappy with their current web designer and wondering what they can do about it.
I understand that it’s tempting to hand everything over to another person, especially when it’s something you don’t understand or it’s not the focus of your business. I know because I’m like that in other areas of my life. BUT (you knew that there was a ‘but’ coming didn’t you 🙂 ) as the business owner of your business the buck stops with you.

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To have a website or not to have a website……

This is one of the most popular questions I get asked… Karen I’m on social media but I’m not sure whether I really need a website or not?

So let’s look at what websites do for your business and what social media does….





Connects with your existing customers green tick green tick
Find new customers green tick green tick
Instant feedback from customers  green tick green tick
Increase website traffic  cross green tick
Share content green tick green tick
Create personal relationships with customers  cross green tick

Free to set up

( etc for websites)

green tick green tick
Makes a statement that you are a serious business green tick  cross
Builds your business credibility green tick green tick
Helps build an email list green tick  cross
Easy way to find information about your business green tick  cross
Have control over your business contacts green tick  cross

Social media is great. Seriously, I love it. However, (you knew there was a however coming didn’t you?) it’s not everything. It s a part of your business and marketing plan but I don’t think it should be everything.

Why not? Your business is very important to you.

If you had a shop you wouldn’t want some complete stranger walking in and changing things on you without telling you. Maybe they put a bouncer on the door to prevent your customers from coming in and seeing what you are offering! However that’s what some social media platforms do. Facebook seems to be constantly changing and you are NOT in control of your Facebook page – no matter how many likes and followers that you have. It’s known that unless you pay, your business page posts only go out to a percentage of your followers.

Now I’m not saying this as a website designer, I’m saying this as an online shopper. If I see a business that is selling something that I like on Facebook I go to check out their website. Why? Anyone can set up a Facebook page. That’s why they have introduced business page verification – that tick shows that Facebook has confirmed that there is a real business behind the business page and has verified address etc.

MG Website Design Facebook page verified

For me, a business that has a website is looking long term and plans to be around for a while. The business wants to have control over the business information they put out there and want their customers to find it easily.

Now I mentioned in the table ‘helps’ to build an email list’. In actual fact I confess that you don’t need to have a website to build an email list. There are platforms where you can set up what is called an ‘opt-in’ page where people will give you their email address in exchange for a free report, download, join a newsletter that kind of thing. These platforms are not cheap and if your reason for not having a website is expense then it’s actually cheaper to have a website long term. If you want to check out these type of platforms look at Lead Pages, click funnel and you’ll find more when you look in a search engine. By the way I like these platforms BUT I would use them with a website and not on their own.

Why would you want people’s email address in the first place?

Let’s assume I’m your someone who’s looking for your product / service. You know this because I’m following you on social media and may have even asked a few questions. However the only way your business can contact me is by sending me a message and on some platforms I may not even see it.

If you offered me a newsletter where I could get special offers, or find out more information that I’d be interested in then I’d be willing to give you my email address in exchange.

Now your business has direct access to me, and you can email me whenever you like. At least you know the email will be delivered to me (whether I read it or not needs to be covered in another topic).

But Karen, I don’t want to send out spam. I get so many emails that I don’t want to be someone sending out more!

Yes I’ve heard that before. Spam is any email that I’m not interested in but you’ve already established that I’m interested in your service / product. Any decent email platform will have an unsubcribe link in the email so people can leave your email list should they choose to.

So in summary, a website gives you credibility and control which you don’t find with social media platforms. It gives you a means of collecting email addresses of interested people who may turn into customers.

For those reasons alone I truly believe that every business should have a website.

Feel free to leave your comments / questions below, whether they’re positive or negative. Seriously, I can handle it 🙂


Hedgehog Concept – being good at one thing

Hedgehog ConceptSince it’s World Hedgehog Day (really it is!), as well as Groundhogs Day  it seems a good time to have a post about the Hedgehog concept. It’s a great way to look at the business or organisation that you belong to or that you own.

Firstly let me ask you would you rather be a fox or a hedgehog?

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Keeping your date up to date

Since it’s the new year I thought I’d have a WordPress tip on the copyright year found at the bottom of most websites.

There are sooooo many websites on the internet that I like to check that the website I’m looking at is up to date. Sometimes it can be obvious with calendar events, or dates on articles but if not I tend to check the copyright date. This is usually down the bottom of the website in the area known as the footer, for example . © 2015 Business Name — All rights reserved.

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Where the magic happens

Mount Gambier Website Design WorkspaceLet’s get to know each other a little better. Here is a picture showing my workspace. As you can see I definitely don’t have a wireless office!

I do have a new laptop which is why I have two laptops on my desk. I would love to say that I have one for each hand so I can create websites twice as fast but I don’t think you’d believe that :-).

I am transferring data from my old laptop to my new Windows 8.1 laptop. Now I’ve stopped cursing it and have some programs loaded it that make it do what I want we’re getting along fine.

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Posting to social media

Let me set some context around this post…

I’m looking for a social media posting website that posts content to several social media platforms to save some time. At present I have a free account with Hootsuite but that is limited. So before I decide to upgrade I wanted to have a look around to see what else is out there, as of November 2014.

This isn’t a review – simply a list of my findings since they may help someone else save some time. I didn’t need teams to sign up since my business is just me at present. The table bellow shows my findings.

Name URLFree planPricing starts at (monthly)Free TrialPosts to
Sprout Socialhttp://sproutsocial.comNoUS$5930 daysFB, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn
Hootsuitehootsuite.comYes limitedUS$9.99 30 daysFB, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn
Bufferhttps://bufferapp.comYes limitedUS$10NoFB, Twitter
Reachpodwww.reachpod.comYes limitedUS$5.99NoFB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram
Postling$10NoFB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn,, Flickr, Tumblr
Social Draft$29NoFB, Twitter, LinkedIn
Everypost limitedUS$9.99 30 daysFacebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr

Hootsuite – Free plan up 3 profiles / pro upto 50

Reachpod – Free plan up 3 profiles / pro upto 35

Postling – $1 for first month

Everypost – App only – iphone & Android

Everypost looked really interesting but it’s App based only at present. Since I’m at my laptop most of the time I would prefer something that can be both desktop and app.

So at the moment I’ll probably stick with Hootsuite for my desktop and maybe give Everypost a try too. Who knows they may convert me? 🙂



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